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we asked, you shared, and all this happened

2007  IN BED - inspired by one fortune from a fortune cookie
2008  SECRETS - we ask: share a true secret that you are keeping, your own or someone else’s.
2009  UNSPOKEN - we ask:  what is something you always wanted to say to someone but haven't.  And we also ask to transcribe an interesting text or post from your phone onto a card (something you would write, but probably leave unspoken)
•2010  SIX - we ask:  give us your autobiography in six words.
•2011  IMPULSE - Created specifically for the 2011 PIFA Festival theme, we ​ask:  what impulses have you followed, regretted, haven't acted upon yet.
•2012  WHO - we ask:  who are you?
•2013  THAT TIME - created specifically for the 2013 PIFA Festival theme, and in collaboration with dance company RealLivePeople, we ask: what moment in your life would you like to return to and why?
•2014  BELIEVE - we ask:  what do you believe?
•2014  OH MOTHER - we ask:  tell us something memorable that was said or done by a maternal figure in your life (or yourself in that role).
•2015  GROOVE – our second collaboration with dancers -- this time with Blues Dancers and live blues musicians -- we ask:  when are you/have you really been 'in the groove?'
2015  ART - created for a performance at DaVinci Art Alliance, and now in regular rotation; we ask:  what would be your title for a fictional work of art inspired by a true transitional moment in your life?
•2016  MAY/NOT -- we ask -- what is a decision you are struggling with?
•2016  FOOD – we open with a Chef’s cooking demo!  We ask: share with us a food-related memory.
•2016  BEFORE I DIE -- inspired by the Before I Die international mural project, we installed an interactive chalkboard for passersby to fill in the blank, and also asked our audience to fill in: Before I die___.
•2017 THIS YEAR – Performed in January, we ask the audience to fill in: This is the year that…
•2017 STOLEN SET SERIES – In collaboration with InterAct Theater company.  We perform on the set of each of InterAct's plays; our 'prompt' must reflect the theme of each play.   
•2017 TEN  (10th Anniversary show) - we ask:  what were you doing/who were you being 10 years ago?
•2017 IN BED (10th Anniversary Show) - we revised our first format to reflect our now signature collaboration with our audiences, so in addition to the fortune cookie, we ask:  describe a memorable moment that took place in a bed.
•2017 QUESTIONS – we ask: what is a question that’s been on your mind lately?
•2017 BY DESIGN – Created for the DesignPhilly Festival, we ask: describe a life/work/art/love design that floundered or flew.
•2018 MARCH MADNESS – we ask:  what ignites your fury?
•2018 FEEL – we ask:  how are you feeling and why?
2018 MAGIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS – we ask:  describe a magical moment in your life 
•2019 THE LOVE EXPERIMENT we ask questions from the NYT's article The 36 Questions That Lead To Love  •2019 INK  we ask:  what is so important to you that it is forever etched on your skin... or your heart?     
Tongue & Groove​​​​ was founded in 2006, inspired by several forms of theater including long and short-form improv, Playback Theater, the Interactive Theater of Jeff Wirth, and the incomparable improvised plays performed by TJ & Dave. We cast a unique company of actors-who-improvise and improvisers-who-act, and set about creating a style of theater that would elevate the power of spontaneous creation. 
Founder and Producing Artistic Director Bobbi Block trains the ensemble in her hybrid approach of acting, Improv and playwriting, called Actors’ Improv™.   
Here’s what happens at a typical show:  At the top of the performance, the audience is given an index card, a pen, and a provocative prompt, such as ‘share a secret you keep,’ ‘what do you want to do before you die,’ or ‘who are you?’  Encouraged to honestly share their true thoughts and feelings, the audience anonymously submits their responses, which are randomly drawn by the actors and read aloud. The ensemble then spontaneously performs a montage of funny and touching scenes & monologues inspired by their audience-collaborators’ submissions, exploring the experiences that connect us all.  Performances are anchored by live improvised music. Each T&G performance has never been seen before and will never be seen again! 

Over the past decade, we’ve performed all around Philadelphia introducing this unique style of theater to the community.  We are thrilled to have been invited to perform at the Kimmel Center for both the 2011 and 2013 PIFA Festivals, and this year marks our tenth Philly FringeArts Festival!  In addition, we’re delighted to have formed a relationship with InterAct Theatre for The Stolen Set Series in which we explored the theme of each play in InterAct’s 2017-18 season and perform on each set.  Artistic Director Bobbi Block has taught Actors' Improv™. in Europe, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, and the Tongue & Groove format has been performed in Rio, Holland, and New Zealand!

Like so many resident companies, talented members must come and go.  Some founding members who helped hone the company - Adam Gertler, Eoin O’Shea, Josh Rubinstein, Jenn MacMillan, Jordan Stalsworth, Fred Andersen and Carrie Spaulding -- have moved on.  Of course, they will always be part of the ensemble and you never know when they might return!  For our 10 year anniversary in June 2017, almost all of the founding members performed a Reunion Show and our seamless connection came right back!   New members have joined over the years, creating new connections and bringing new gifts.  

The name Tongue & Groove means 'seamlessly connected.'   Not only does our ensemble feel connected, we feel connected with you, the audience, since without you we cannot do our work!  And, we hope that after a T&G show, you all feel more connected to each other.