2018/2019 Season​​

Sept 7 - 22, 2018   

How are you feeling.... really?
Desirable, hurt, worthy, itchy,
ashamed, frisky, torn, cold, joyful?
Tell us anonymously on a written card.
If you choose, during our pre-show mingle time,
share your card with a stranger...or just say hello!
Then watch your feelings inspire
T&G's spontaneous performance.

Arrive Early:  Pre-show Mingle & Massage!

30 minutes prior to each performance
FREE chair and hand massage!

So that you can feel physically well.

(massage time limited; first come first served)

Massage provided by our neighbor collaborator


Note:  door sales are cash only


Friday Sept 7 @ 8pm*
Saturday Sept 8 @ 5pm
Friday Sept 14 @ 8pm
Saturday Sept 15 @ 5pm
Friday Sept 21 @ 10pm*
Saturday Sept 22 @ 5pm

*Opening & Late Night Only:  
              Free glass of wine or beer, plus snacks!*

The PlayGround
at The Adrienne Theater
2030 Sansom St
a BYOB venue!

Recommended for age 16+


 Logan Square
20th between Hamilton & Callowhill
for the holidays
Nov 30, 2018 
Dec 14, 2018:   SOLD OUT!   

When have you experienced magic? 
In nature, in technology, in relationships... 
Holiday time or any time... 
A miraculous moment, a crazy coincidence, or even the magical mundane.

Tell us about the magic in your life.  
Then watch your magic inspire T&G's spontaneous performance.

Arrive Early - 
Pre-show Magic by Fred Siegel, Man of Mystery!
Come early and enjoy dinner and drinks at funky L'Etage Cabaret, Bar and Restaurant.
If you like, Fred will do a magic trick just for you and
your friends at your table.
Then, to open the T&G performance, Fred will perform
more comedy and illusions.  You will be amazed, of that we are sure!

Note:  door sales are cash only


purchase in advance and save!

Friday Nov 30 @ 8pm
Friday Dec 14 @ 8pm

doors open 7:30 (Fred starts close-up magic at that time)

L'Etage Cabaret, Bar & Restaurant

6th & Bainbridge (entrance on Bainbridge, above Beau Monde Restaurant)

because it's a bar, you must be 21+
to see the show



the love experiment

the love
Feb 14 - 15, 2019   

According to The New York Times, 
if you answer a particular set of 36 questions, then look into your partner's eyes for four minutes, you will fall in love.  

Whether you're in love, hate love, or want love, 
come answer just one of those questions --
Then watch your answers inspire
T&G's spontaneous performance.

Arrive Early - 
Pre-show cash bar and 4-minute booth!
Come early and enjoy a drink at Quig's, the private bar at historic
Plays & Players Theater.  Hang out in the lounge, or duck into our 4-minute booth, where we'll provide the privacy and the timer for you to experiment with staring into someone's eyes for 4 minutes.  For the adventurous, find a stranger and ask them to share the experience with you.  Research shows that prolonged eye contact increases feelings of empathy and connection.... and isn't that what we need on Valentine's Day(whether you love the holiday or rail against it!).

Recommended for age 16+

General:  $18 advance; $21 door
Over 65:  $13 advance; $15 door
Under 25: $10 advance; $13 door

Note:  door sales are cash only

purchase in advance and save!

Thursday Feb 14 @ 8pm
Friday Feb 15 @ 8pm

Skinner Studio​​
Plays & Players Theater
1714 Delancey Place

this space is not ADA accessible; patrons must climb two flights of stairs to the theater


April 26 - May 4, 2019   

Imagine a work of visual art based on a transformational moment of your life -- what's the title?   T&G uses your fictional art titles as inspiration for their scenes, as well as to create our unique 'theatrical paintings.'

This popular show inspired titles in the past such as: 
Sam and Sheila Split; The Quitting; That Kiss at Bloomingdale's;  I Look in the Mirror and see My Mother.  What's your title?
Arrive Early:
InterActive Pop-up Art Exhibit and Sale!

Tongue & Groove is delighted to partner with Cerulean Arts to create a pre-performance art exhibit!
Title Contest
The exhibit includes only untitled small works of art, curated by
Cerulean Arts.
At the exhibit, you are invited to write titles for any piece of art that speaks to you!  Feel free to name the art for something in your own life!
Each artist will choose a winning title: winners receive a 10% discount at Cerulean Arts!
Cerulean Arts: Cultivating an appreciation for art by presenting exhibitions, offering unique decorative and fine art for sale and providing art instruction for personal fulfillment.

Since 2006, Cerulean Arts has exhibited the paintings, drawings and sculpture of over 400 contemporary artists, the majority of whom are from the Philadelphia area.  A curated selection of handmade vases, jewelry, textiles and other fine crafts from more than 100 artisans is featured in the gallery shop.  Additionally, Cerulean Arts offers classes and workshops giving customers the opportunity to fulfill their own creative ambitions. 

Recommended for age 16+


purchase in advance and save!
Note:  door sales are cash only

Friday April 26 @ 8pm
Saturday April 27 @ 8pm
Friday May 3 @ 8pm
Saturday May 4 @ 8pm

doors open 7:15 
for art exhibit, wine & cheese


General:  $16 advance; $19 door
Over 65:  $13 advance; $15 door
Under 25: $7 advance; $9 door

Horan Studio Theater

Arden Theater's Hamilton Family Arts Center
62 N. 2nd Street